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Some had deserted from the Royal Navy, a hanging offence.

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Britain was in a total war with France. There would be no place for neutral traders, no amnesty for deserters. Although American statesmen complained in public, in private they admitted that fully half of the sailors on American merchant ships were British subjects. Some in Britain thought the Orders in Council could be relaxed, and in fact, the Orders were suspended in June of A decade of American complaints and economic restrictions only served to convince the British that Jefferson and Madison were pro-French, and violently anti-British.

Consequently, when America finally declared war, she had very few friends in Britain. Many remembered the War of Independence, some had lost fathers or brothers in the fighting; others were the sons of Loyalists driven from their homes. The British had no interest in fighting this war, and once it began, they had one clear goal: keep the United States from taking any part of Canada. At the outset, they hoped that, by pointing out that the Orders in Council had been revoked, the U. Instead, President Madison demanded an end to impressment, well aware that Britain would not make such a concession in wartime.

And so Britain went to war, with no troops to spare to reinforce Canada; it would be defended by a handful of British regulars, Native Americans and Canadian militia. The British imposed the same devastating economic blockade that had crippled France, carefully targeting states like Virginia that had voted for war.

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By autumn the American economy had collapsed. British followed up with amphibious forces raiding around Chesapeake Bay, raising regiments of former slaves as they went. In August, four thousand British troops captured and burnt Washington, D. While these military successes were welcome, British views of the American war were dominated by what happened on the ocean.

In , American super frigates captured smaller, less powerful British opponents in three single ship actions.

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Despite the marked inequality between the combatants, these actions were profoundly shocking for the heirs of Nelson. To make matters worse American privateers took a heavy toll of British merchant ships. The public blamed the Government for these losses, and the ministers responded by reinforcing the fleet before the campaign. The enlarged fleet imposed an effective convoy system, cutting the supply of prizes and capturing a steady stream of privateers.

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The next three frigate battles reversed the pattern of The war at sea had turned against America, the U. Navy had been defeated, privateers curbed, ports closed and trade at a standstill. The decisive event of the war was the abdication of Napoleon in April, This gave the British the option of increasing their military effort to secure a decisive victory.

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The British focus on Europe remained absolute from to securing a peaceful, stable and durable settlement on the continent was far more important than the Canadian frontier. The debut full-length from Kenoma is full of spacious, haunting songs that steadily build to great rushes of sound. Explore music. War Were Declared by Regular Gonzales.


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