Deciphering the Balkan Enigma: Using History to Inform Policy

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See also Read Article. They may believe that alternate solutions such as robotics and cognitive more efficient data and systemic security? Read Full Source. Scott Wood 42, views. Retrieve Doc. Cryptologists could easily recognize an Enigma cipher by its perfect spread of letters. These three students, Get Document. On March 31, , the U. Fetch Doc. Retrieve Here. Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems 75 There are basically two ways to make a stronger cipher: the stream cipher and the Fetch This Document.

Six sets of these were required for finding Fetch Full Source. Redefining land power for the 21st century by William Thomas Johnsen 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Divisive debates over the future force structures of the U. Part of the reason for the bitter nature of these debates is due to parochial partisanship. Part is due to a lack of clear understanding of the individual components of military power or of their collective interrelationships. This latter conclusion may be particularly true for land power.

Responsibility for this misunderstanding does not always fall at the feet of outside observers.


No official definition or general articulation of land power currently exists. And, because land power is self-evident to most who wear Army or Marine Corps green, they see little need to explain land power to a broader audience. But, if national leaders are to have a fuller under- standing of land power, its central role in the growing interdependence of military power, or the policy options that land power's versatility brings to security policy planning and execution, then such explanations are imperative.

To help fill this conceptual gap, the author offers a definition of land power to meet the demands of the 21st century. While defining land power is his primary purpose, he also places land power within the overarching context of total military power. Additionally, he highlights the growing interdependence among the components of national power.

Johnsen, William Thomas 1952-

The European Union's common foreign and security policy : central issues The Union's profile as an international political actor is much more limited, even though its activities are considerable. One of the principal objectives of the workshop on "The Common Foreign and Security Policy [CFSP] of the European Union: Germany's Dual Role as Architect and Constrictor" was to familiarize American policy and research communities with the realities of the structure, practice and limits of this policy initiative.

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The future course of the CFSP matters to the United States as it raises questions about the nature of sovereign decision making on the part of principal American allies. Will these allies increasingly come to the table with singular collective positions? Will such a development enhance European stability? Will greater European unity diminish U.

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How will NATO accommodate the change? The resolution of these issues in the early years of the coming century will have a profound impact on U. European relations and gives added salience to this report. Army doctrine explicitly establish the overwhelming need for, and value of, coalitions and alliances in the post-cold war era. Two generations of U. Free of the confines of the cold war, competing national interests and different national perceptions have transformed the Alliance. Clearly, if the Alliance is to survive and remain meaningful, an understanding of NATO and its political subtleties will be essential.

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To provide a wider understanding of the changed nature of the Alliance, Dr. Approximately two dozen European experts participated in this roundtable ably recorded by Ms Maria Alongi. The principles of war in the 21st century : strategic considerations 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. European security : Washington's shaping strategy in action by Stephen Blank 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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The future roles of U. Charged by Congress, the Department of Defense is examining a broad range of issues concerning U. Before these crucial issues are addressed, however, a more fundamental question needs to be explored: what does the United States want its military to do?

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In other words, what are the future roles of the U. Only after this issue has been answered can the Department of Defense turn to the other important issues posed by Congress. Johnsen tackles this question. In brief, he concludes that the U. The method and manner of carrying out those roles, however, will change; in some cases substantially.

The implications of these adapted roles will be considerable. More importantly, Dr. Johnsen also examines the emerging role of preventive defense and its potentially profound consequences for the U. The debates carried out within and about the QDR will shape the security policy of the United States well into the 21st Century.

European security : Washington's shaping strategy in action by Stephen Blank Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 66 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Notwithstanding the claims of some in the United States, European affairs continue to dominate U. The end of the Cold War has not seen any blurring of the focus of U. Managing the implications of the break-up of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, the seemingly never-ending conflicts in the Balkans, increasing Western norms and institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, and expanding and reforming the North Atlantic Alliance are just some of the issues that require firm and consistent U.

Deciphering The Balkan Enigma: Using History To Inform Policy

How the United States has, and should continue, to deal with these issues is the subject of this collective effort. In addition to assessing past and present challenges to U. Recommendations for consideration by officials include the need for a lighter leadership touch in some areas and for stronger encouragement in others.

However, let there be no doubt that a U. The United States is a European power by virtue of its history, current commitments, and strategic and political exigencies.