A Woman Waits for Me

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He sees sex as all-including, as comprising bodies, souls, purities, results, songs, health, governments, etc. He likes men and women who are without shame, as he is.

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He dismisses impassive women and turns himself towards the woman waiting for him. He recognizes that women are not inferior to men, women are equal to him in their abilities and rights. He clings to women, but he observes that they are not made for his sake only, but for the sake of others, too. The same applies him.

A Woman Waits for Me. Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass

Throughout the poem he addresses "women", not a single woman. He loves "women" and seems to find pleasure also in contributing to the offspring of "sons and daughters fit for these States".

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I had heard before that Whitman was bisexual, and line ten here seems to confirm that for me. At one point I sensed that he thinks of himself as a blessing to women haha..

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Mama mia! There he goes again Vilifying a very very sacred act Gaining nothing in the bargain But then just rudely stating a fact Something about the tone of the poem seems to suggest that the male is doing a big favour and as such the pain is worth to the other. Yet a very good poem It just makes me laugh everytime Report Reply.

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

I loved this poem because it describes the physical act of sex on so many different levels that I've never thought of before. It takes a simple, almost instinctual act and ties into it the beginning of existence and all the ecstacy in life. Whitman is an American Uber Man.

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Nietzsche would be proud. His passion runs deep and is only surpassed by his certainty. Examines Anne Gilchrist's education, her courtship with and marriage to Alexander Gilchrist, and her reading habits in order to analyze "the intersection of interpretation and fantasy, sex and religion, author and reader" that her response to Whitman's writings entails; works toward identifying "the change triggered by her interaction with Whitman's book," which prompted what she called a "new birth.

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